Moon Cabaret presents Mr. Moon

Surrealist dreamlike cabaret and your special hosts for the festival

  • De Roode Bioscoop


Mr. Moon is a magic-tinged, surrealist comedy about a troupe of itinerant performers that opens a Pandora’s box of life’s big questions. Using songs in three languages, the music transports the audience to the world of an opera diva, a Mexican street musician and a lost mime artist. Mr. Moon is created by the Snowapple collective. A group of musicians, clowns, mime-actors and puppeteers. Under the direction of the in-house director of the collective Eva Schumacher from France. With: Nora Tinholt, Moro Osito von Ropi, Cynthia Martinez, Laurien (Mrs. Moon) & guests. Mr. Moon has invited its growing family to join us in the feast: creators from any discipline who believe in an art of the possible and in the power of sharing.